I knew I would grow a big belly, and that I might get nauseous. I knew I might get a little moody, and that there was a chance I might crave weird things.

But, there are a few thingsI didn’t realize would be going on at 17 weeks into growing a new person.

No One Told Me:

– That my stomach would become a bottomless pit and I would never feel full again.

– That I would become practically bipolar.  One minute I’m great, the next minute I’m ready to reach through the TV and strangle the woman singing off-key in the Sun Chips commercial.

– That my fingernails would become talons.

– That napping would become a necessity, rather than just a luxury.

– That every little twinge or headache would have me googling my brains out to make sure everything’s normal and the baby’s OK.

– That my job search would have me looking for jobs that are in the baby’s best interest, not mine.

– That doctor appointments would be so stinkin’ exciting.

– That choosing the perfect name for a child would be this hard.

– That I could ever feel this eager to feel something move inside my body.


I’m sure  I’ll have more to add as the weeks wear on. It seems as if there is always more to learn!