You know,  Madeline will be here in about four months. That’s not very long at all! So, as we await her arrival (and because I have entirely too much time on  my idle hands) I’ve been doing some research on what’s out there to help keep the baby girl healthy.

I’ve seen the normal baby food products in the grocery store – the spinach, squash, carrots, etc.  So, I have a question. Why are there no Southern baby foods?

Think about it: supper time for Dixie babies! Strained blackeyed peas, pureed collard greens (hamhock optional), and butterbeans in a jar. Before you make a face, does it really sound any nastier than mashed turnips? I’m not suggesting that we replace turkey & rice with ‘possum & gravy, but I feel there is some regional cuisine that has been overlooked.

I figure, we’re having a Southern baby so why not feed her Southern food? I don’t have anything else to do with my time, so I would have all day to make the stuff. We could call it, “Supper Fer Yer Young’uns,” or something catchy like that.

I suggested it to Dan. He was amused but not enthusiastic. Oh, well. It was just an idea.