If you’ve been keeping up, you know that the past couple of years have found Dan in North Carolina, Connecticut, and Ohio before we were a “WE.” Then, since I became the permanent tagalong, we have moved to Australia and back to Atlanta since this time last year. Now it’s time for another move. Dan has made a career decision that will be taking us to Birmingham, AL within the next few weeks.

As if you couldn’t tell by my affinity for fried green tomatoes and the way my eyes get a little misty when I hear Randy Owens sing, “My Home’s in Alabama,” I am an Alabama girl, born and raised. I mean, Dan lived there for 4 years, but only because he wanted to be educated in the finest institution of higher learning in the Southeast.

Don’t misunderstand me – I have LOVED living in Atlanta, have made some wonderful, lifelong friends, and would not trade this experience for anything. But, it will be sort of nice to be back in a place where people know the correct pronunciation for towns like Arab and Leroy. From now on, when I would like for someone to repeat themselves, I can say, “Do what?” without feeling as if I were speaking a foreign language. Yes, I know Atlanta is Southern, too, but there are many non-Southerers who transplanted here and are not culturally Southern. There is a difference.

We really hate to leave our friends behind, but we feel that this is a good decision for us and our growing family. Please remember to keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we make this transition to Sweet Home Alabama.

And, be sure to check back for updates!!