OK, I’ll admit it.  This t shirt is slightly tighter than last year at this time.

BellyShots 047

27 Weeks

What? You think just because I don’t always understand what’s happening on the football field that I can’t show a little school spirit?

I have a little girl on the way, and I need to set a good example for her. I realize she’s not here yet, but she will be soon and it is never too early to begin teaching your children the values that are important to you.  Before we know it, she will be telling us that doggies say WOOF WOOF, cows say MOO MOO, and elephants say ROLL TIDE.  She will watch and learn what all nice Alabama girls know – that on Saturday afternoons from September through November, respectable young Southern ladies slip into something crimson before they put on their lipstick.

From our family to yours, Happy Football Season!