I’m sure every new mommy and mommy-to-be has her own interpretation of all the wonderful, amazing phenomena that accompany pregnancy. Everyone experiences it differently, but even the shared experiences are described in very different ways.

It cracks me up to watch my belly move as Madeline performs all the dances from West Side Story in there. But, it reminds me of something else that used to make me laugh. Most of you know that before we went to Australia, I had the greatest, most loving dog in the world. Her name is Bessie and she is in the capable care of my mom now. Anyway, Bessie and I used to play “the blanket game,” during which I would toss a blanket over her so that she was completely covered and watch her turn and jump around, trying to find her way out.  When she finally made it out, she would run around the house once, then come back, sit, and wag her tail so I would do it again. 🙂

Watching my belly move reminds me of watching Bessie hopping around, trying to escape the blanket.

Believe me, I am under no delusion that Madeline is going to have a quick run and expect me to put her back in once she escapes my body.

It would be interesting to hear if other mommies compared their active bellies to anything while watching them move.

P.S. On an entirely different, more festive note, Dan’s brother is celebrating his 28th birthday today. Happy Birthday and lots of love to Uncle Michael!!!