Today officially marks the first day of fall, 2009.  Do you have any idea how excited I get about fall every year?

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. Good things happen in fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving happen in the fall, and you know what that means? Candy, costumes, pumpkin pie, and Charlie Brown.

Fall is football season. You don’t have to be a great sports fan to get the appeal of an adrenaline rush on a cool, autumn day (and nachos). Believe me.

No more sweating bullets on the way to your car, or second degree burns from touching your steering wheel. Nope.  Summer is gone. It is time to put away the flip flops and break out the boots, to exchange tank tops for pretty, colorful sweaters.

I could go on about the rich, bold fall colors for days. Everything starts to smell like cinnamon and apples, like something wonderful is just about to come out of the oven. Even the food tastes better in fall.

 Dan and I met in the fall. You know what else? Our sweet baby girl is coming this fall.

It just keeps getting better and better.