I thought it was just sensitive gums, to be blamed on pregnancy like everything else is. So, at Saturday’s shower, I chewed my little quiches carefully, and we picked up some Orajel on the way out, just in case. By Saturday night, I couldn’t function without Tylenol.

After enduring Sunday while thinking, “If labor hurts this much, maybe I’d like to be sedated (Ba-ba-ba-ba Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, I wanna be sedated),” I got up Monday morning and found a dentist who would see me on short notice, who sent me to an endodontist who said that the infection was so bad I would have to take antibiotics for a week before we could even try to fix the tooth.


I’ll spare you all the gory, nasty details and leave you with the knowledge that by the time it started to hurt, the infection had spread to my jaw. So, the nice endodontist gave me a prescription (which worked like a charm on the pain) and said if I had any facial swelling, to come back.

When I woke up this morning, I looked like this (sans the moustache, of course):


So, while it’s been fun entertaining myself with Marlon Brando and Popeye impersonations, I have to go back to see the nice man who is going to do some things to my face that don’t sound very fun at all.

I was concerned about all the meds I have to take, and the anesthesia, but I visited the new OB this morning and she reassured me that everything will be fine.

I’ll be glad when my face returns to normal and my doctor’s visits consist only of measuring my belly and taking my blood pressure again.