I had my 34 week check up with the new doc this morning (whom I still really like, btw) and everything is awesome as usual! Baby’s heartbeat is strong, I’m healthy as usual, and we only have a little more than 5 weeks left!! Can you believe it??? Only a few more weeks until we get to meet our baby girl! I guess we need to get cracking on putting the nursery together, huh? My next visit will be the first of my weekly visits.

While we wait, and because fall is the nicest time of year with the best holidays, I’ve been looking at pictures of my friends’ adorable kiddies trying out their Halloween costumes, walking in pumpkin patches, and checking out some of the fabulous foliage.(Check out the Henderson and Muldrow families on the right!) While looking at the pictures makes me giggle with delight, it makes me even more giddy to think that next year at this time, I’ll be sharing this season with my own baby! I’ll be dressing Madeline in some precious little outfit, taking pictures of her in the fall air, surrounded by pumpkins and brightly colored leaves, and wondering how in the world people can look at her pictures without absolutely gushing over her cuteness.

It’ll be here before we know it!