BellyShots 057

Welcome to Head Manor. (Insert howling wind and hooting owl sound effects here)

Jack and Jill (Mr. and Mrs. O'Lantern), together with their friends, the scarecrows, hope you will enjoy your visit.

Jack and Jill (Mr. and Mrs. O'Lantern) hope you will enjoy your visit.

BellyShots 053

Aaahhh! It's a gigantic woman! My costume is that of a very pregnant woman, and Madeline is dressed as a fetus. Dan was all decked out as a Wake Forest fan with a cold.

BellyShots 050

Jenn and Chris stopped by with Addie this morning. "What a cute little ballerina costume," you say. Nope...

BellyShots 051

...The Miracle Monkey has been spending her Saturday mornings DANCING! Yep. You read that right. I said Addie is learning to dance!

 Happy Halloween, everyone!

Only 5 more weeks until we see our Madeline!