As you can probably imagine, life has been a little busier than usual in the Head family house. Heck, this time last year, we weren’t even the Head family yet!

For as long as I can remember, I have sent out Christmas cards on December 10th (or the 11th if the 10th fell on a Sunday). This year, it just didn’t happen. We chose to get birth announcements, instead. 🙂

There is no Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the living room, or any Christmas tree for that matter, because we just didn’t have time to go out and get one. Plus, it’s been a bit cold to take a newborn out to shop for a tree.

Another huge difference is that I have only done Christmas baking out of a box this year. (Hiding face in SHAME!!!) I promise to at least bake some real brownies between now and Thursday, though!

Have I stressed about it? Of course I have! This is me we’re talking about!

Is it worth it? You bet! Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and our hopes that Madeline soon would be there have been fulfilled. We’ll do cards, a tree, and famous Christmas cookies next year. This year, we’re just going to hang out with the babyhead.

And, for now, that’s just going to have to be OK with everyone.