Happy New Year, everyone!

We hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve. I know we did. We rang in the new year the right way – by picking up dinner from Chick-fil-A and putting Babyhead to bed in her own room for the first time. Then, we said our “I love yous” and fell asleep before midnight. Woo hoo!! Walkin’ on the wild side, baby!!

I honestly can’t think of anything that could top 2009, but I’m sure it will be wonderful. I do have some plans, some things I would like to see happen over the course of this year. If it’s God’s will, we will see those plans come to fruition. If not, then He will open other doors and things will fall into place the way they’re supposed to.

As for the rest of you, I know that 2009 brought challenges as well as joys. I pray that this year brings you more moments that make you laugh until you snort, more things covered in chocolate, and more songs on the radio that you haven’t heard in years – the ones that make you sing so loud your throat hurts. May the little things make you as happy as the big, incredible milestone moments.  And may God rain all His blessings down on your 2010.

On a different note:

OK, fine. I give in. I swore I wouldn’t be one of those moms who thinks every little thing her baby does is the cutest thing anyone has ever seen and then subject the world to pictures of it. Well, too bad. Madeline does the most adorable things when she sleeps and now I’m going to make you look at pictures of her just to prove it. Admit it. She’s awfully cute!

Napping during tea time.