You never appreciate having the world at your fingertips until that world is destroyed by a cup of Maxwell House. But, we are now reconnected and ready to fill you in on all the happenings of the last week.

As you read before, Dan and I had a wonderful anniversary and are so very grateful to God for giving us this year together. I still think it would be fun to be contestants on The New Newlywed Game, if for no other reason than to have a conversation with Carnie Wilson and clear up a few things. “Heather, what would you say is the one thing Dan wishes you would spend less time on?”  “That would be my make-up, Carnie. Now, would you please explain the concept of your new reality show? I don’t quite get it.”  Yet another  fun idea that Dan chuckles about, but doesn’t take seriously. And, thank you, Aunt Ann, for the lovely anniversary album. It really is beautiful and we’re eager to fill up the pages!

Earlier this week, Miss Madeline finally met my friend, Jenn. We had a nice lunch and great conversation while Madeline slept like an angel until it was almost time to go. Then, I woke her up to say hello but she was groggy and I doubt she has any idea that she met someone new. No matter. There will be plenty of time for her to spend with the Hendersons and their two great kids!

Our growing girl also turned eight weeks old yesterday! She’s smiling like crazy, acts as if she wants to roll over, and I can tell she really wants to laugh. Her first round of shots happened yesterday, and the former dog owner in me wants to find out where to have her registered since I’m pretty sure the AKC won’t take her. She’s right on target for weight at almost 11 pounds, and still a little taller than average. I’m still hoping she’ll be tall & skinny, since that’s a gene I did not get.

Here’s a picture of our beautiful girl at eight weeks, and there will be more posts to come!

This was a few minutes before falling asleep on the floor gym. 🙂