Has it really been nine weeks? Really? I can’t believe how much Madeline has grown in the past two  months. She’s already wearing 3-6 month clothes, mostly because she’s so stinkin’ tall. Speaking of baby clothes, am I the only one who has noticed that the sizes make no sense? If the average 8-week-old baby weighs roughly 11 pounds, why are 3 month clothes made for babies who weigh up to 12 pounds? Where’s Scooby Doo with the Mystery Mobile when you need him?

Remember when you were a little kid and all the old folks said you were “growing like a weed,” or some other simile that made it seem as if you went from infant to kindergartener over night? Remember thinking that these old people must be crazy because it had taken what seemed like decades just to get from Christmas to Easter? I’m sure Madeline doesn’t feel that way yet, but she will. And, I have already joined the ranks of the old geezers who wonder how in the world this kid went from being a heartbeat and a flutter inside my belly, to being a cooing, giggling diva in such a short time.

Sigh. I suppose I should get back to life before Madeline wakes up from her nap, but I’ll leave you with this picture to gush over.