Today, Madeline had her first taste of rice cereal. The following is her harrowing story chronicled in pictures.

"Hmm. That looks like big people food. Why is it such a small bowl, though? That's an awfully pretty spoon."

"Oh, I'm supposed to eat it? Well, OK. It's not in a bottle, but I'll give it a shot."


"Alrighty. It's not awful. It's not...wait...hey!"

"What IS that?? You tricked me! I don't believe for one minute that you & Daddy eat this mess!"

Don’t let the little diva face fool you. She actually did pretty well with it after a couple of bites, you know, once she figured out what to do with the mush in her mouth.

Our little sweet pea is growing up. Today it’s rice cereal, and tomorrow she’ll be asking for a cell phone to call her boyfriend named SparkPlug and yelling that she hates us because we won’t buy her a car or pay for her to get her lip pierced.

Or, maybe just some green beans.