Ok, I’ve been a little lax in my blogging lately. My apologies.

We have been very busy over the past week. We had a nice visit from GrandMary, Aunt Meredith, and Grandma Mac, who graciously cared for our little Sweet Pea as my two-day work week turned into a four-day work week. Madeline was instantly drawn to her Aunt Meredith. I think those two are going to have an awesome aunt/niece relationship! I wish I had taken some pictures. šŸ˜¦

What I thought was going to be two days of new teacher orientation became orientation and a meeting, and then orientation sandwiched by unexpected meetings. Did I mention that they changed the date of open house so next week is turned upside down, too? All the new information and paperwork can be overwhelming, but once we get into a routine, all will be well.

We also had orientation at Madeline’s new school, which went very well. We let her play in her new room while we talked to the director. When we went back to pick her up, the teacher was sitting on the floor with the babies, reading a book, holding Madeline on her lap. Good, good, good!

Throw in some back-to-school clothes shopping, an oil change, and a trip to The Wal-Marks, and that’s how busy our week has been. šŸ™‚

I promise to post pictures over the next week, especially since Babyhead will be EIGHT MONTHS OLD in a few days!!! Can you believe it??

We’re still waiting for teeth, still waiting for her to crawl. Her preferred mode of transportation is still to roll across the floor, but she is beginning to scoot forward as if she wants to crawl.

Oh, and I think she said, “duck.” She said it after I said her name, so there is a chance she might have said something else (or that she made a noise that wasn’t a word at all), but since she was sitting in an inflatable duck playing with a rubber duck, I’m going to assume she said, “duck.”