I haven’t posted much lately, out of fear of boring my faithful readers to tears. But, if anyone is truly interested, here’s what’s up at Head Manor.

Madeline’s little routine has been completely thrown off by the changes that have taken place these past two weeks, but she seems very happy at Odyssey. Miss Katy and Miss Tina are great with her. She’s getting the opportunity to play with other kids and she gets a lot of personal attention. Miss Tina said today that, “every time you make eye contact with her, her face lights up.” She has certainly been smiling sweetly when I’ve picked her up in the afternoons.  If Madeline is happy and feels safe there, we have no complaints whatsoever!

Dan has a birthday swiftly approaching. Woohoo! Now, if he would just tell me what he wants. Men are so hard to buy for. He’s still the world’s greatest Daddy and has been getting up every morning with Babyhead while I get ready for work. He drives her to school in the morning and plays with her when he gets home in the evening. What more could a Babyhead ask for?

Hm. One fragment and two sentences ended with prepositions. Good job, English teacher.

Speaking of teaching, I think this is going to be a good year. This school is very different from the prison school at which I used to work. It’s a little musty and the carpets are stained, but it seems that teachers will be expected to TEACH in their classrooms here. We won’t just be hosting a book of the month club. It will be a new experience for me, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Hopefully, I will be able to thrill you with first tooth pictures and crawling stories soon. Until then, know that all is well with us.