The more Madeline’s personality develops, the more I realize what an awesome little girl she is.  She is such a sweetie. She smiles at almost everyone she meets, whether she’s with us or not. Miss Tina (at Odyssey) told me about her fist cart ride around the school, how she got to meet everyone and entertained them with her smiling and giggling. She really loves people.

She made new friends today at lunch when she loudly announced to everyone in Firehouse Subs, “DADADAAAAAAAAAAAAADADAAAAAAAAAAAAWAAAADAAAAAAA!!!!!!” They all agreed.

Stranger anxiety? Pffft. That lasted all of two weeks. Not to worry, though. She won’t go to just anyone. She just likes to smile and giggle when people talk to her, and to make loud proclamations at restaurants and the library. (Use your inside voice, Madeline.)

Smart, friendly, and beautiful. What a great combination for a great kid!