This morning was mommy-needs-a-haircut morning. So, whilst I went to the salon, Madeline took care of her daddy.

According to Dan, Madeline got her pudgy little hands on the remote when he got up to go the the kitchen. He was watching football (imagine that) and when they started taking about Auburn, Sweet Pea turned off the TV.

I’m telling you, she’s a brilliant child.

I only have one request of her. Madeline? Sweet Pea? Babyhead? Please grow some hair. We went to the mall this afternoon, showing our school spirit (Bama, not Clay-Chalkville). Not one person, save the nice photographer lady at JC Penney, realized that our little princess was a girl. Despite the fact that her Bama ensemble was a DRESS, people still said things like, “Look at him! He’s Bama bound!”

Sigh. Someday.