I am, admittedly, a germaphobe. I disinfect my kitchen every night. I carry anti-bacterial wipes in my purse, and use them frequently in public places. Public bathrooms creep me out, and dirty bathrooms in houses give me hives. If I touch things that I think might be dirty or have some sort of flesh-eating bacteria (which, in my head, comes from being unwashed) I have a tingling, filthy feeling in whatever part of my body touched that grossness until I scrub it with disinfecting soap.

I know it’s irrational, but that’s the way it is.

Considering this completely insane fear I have of all things unsanitary, I am writing this post to own up to the hypocrisy of my disdain for people who grow fears from everything they see on TV or read in the grocery store aisle.

I found this funny article in Reader’s Digest, which highlights the ridiculousness of believing all the media hype that revolves around the next big thing that’s going to kill you and your entire family. You know, things like onion dip and staplers.

I had to share.