1. This may seem silly, but I’m thankful for warm water. Specifically, I’m thankful that we have clean, running, warm water. If you saw my facebook status, you know that the funk has made its way through our house this week. There’s just something about a clean tub full of warm water and some floral scented bubbles that makes everything go away. It was the only place I was comfortable.

2. I’m thankful for reliable transportation that gets me where I need to go safely. Have you ever had a car that you had to sweet talk and offer it money just to get it to start in the morning? Oh, I loved my little blue Toyota that got me  (most of the way) through the college years. But, she was wrecked more than once and the key had to be turned at least twice just to get the thing to start. I’m so thankful that I don’t have to worry with that now, especially with the precious cargo I now haul.

3. I’m thankful for Jell-O. Seriously. I’m not being flippant. What other food makes you feel so much better when your insides are fighting against you? It’s just good. Its humble beginnings are a little disgusting to think about, but now it’s flavored with fruity goodness. Plus, it jiggles. OK, I’m finished praising Jell-O now. I do think I’ll have another cup, though…