Madeline has really begun to develop quite a vocabulary. My current favorite thing she says is when she holds her toy phone to her shoulder and says, “Woe?”  I’m pretty sure she has a direct line to someone at Fisher-Price.

So, I thought I’d present you with the latest version of the dictionary, as spoken by Madeline.

1. Dada  – Dan; any picture of anyone or anything; Uncle Ben.

2. Mama  – me.

3. Boon  – balloon

4. Hohoho – What Santa says; what a duck says; what a puppy says; what a cow says…

5. Daydee – baby; baby doll; any other kid.

6. Bah-bah – her book, Bubbles Bubbles.

7. Mo’ – more

8. Teekateeka – Tickle, tickle

9. Duckkkkkkk – duck

10. Dissss – “What is this object, Mommy? Will you please identify it for me?” or “I dropped this and cannot reach it. Would you be so kind as to pick it up and give it back to me?”

11. Datttt – “What/who is that?”

12. Ball – ball

13. No –  “Absloutely not.”

14. Emo – Elmo

15. Wow – “That’s quite remarkable!”

16. Boo – “Oh! There you are! I thought you were missing!”

She also got a stuffed dog for her birthday that sings, recites numbers and letters, etc. When you press his paw, he says, “It’s learning time! Ruff Ruff!” To which Madeline resonds, “Erf! Erf!” And, when she received a singing purse for Christmas that declares, “It’s music time!” her natural response was, of course, “Erf! Erf!”

Is it terrible that I’m completely baffled when people don’t gush over how adorable she is? Does that make me a bad person?

Madeline would also like to give a shout out to her new friends, Lilah and Audrey, whom she met during our Christmas visit to the Carolinas.  Haaaay!

I’ll end with my two favorite quotes of the day, both from her new teacher, Ms. Janelle:

“Your daughter lights up our whole day! We wish they were all like her!”


“She really likes to ‘read’ to all her friends.” (M likes to open up a book, point to the pictures, and babble in the same intonation in which we read the book to her. LOVE IT!!)