Madeline is becoming such a little girl, and by that I mean that she is turning into a little kid instead of my sweet little baby.

I know this is a good thing.

It’s just so funny to see how she’s developing into her own person. She’s a little Dan, a little me, and a little of her own sweet self.

For example, she has Dan’s eyes, his smile, his height, the ability to stay in the room with a basketball game on TV without screeching in terror, and most likely his sense of humor since she laughs often.

She has my gestures, my lips, my love for fruit and milk, and this…

First, let me explain my loathing for the great outdoors. I can handle a bit of time outside in the fall, and for about a week in the spring before the temperatures reach the boiling point. I detest being hot, and there are both dirt and bugs outside (shudder). What’s even worse, you could break a sweat out there. Gross!

OK, Madeline is probably not that bad. But, this is what happened the other day when it was sort of nice outside and I decided to take her out to play –

The look on her face was accompanied by much whining until I took her back into the climate controlled, non-bug infested house where she was perfectly content to play with these very same toys.

I would like for her to be a more, well, normal kid about being outside than I was, just so she will play with other kids and get some exercise. That, and Dan needs someone to watch sports with.

At the same time, I like that she loves her baby dolls, her tea set, and her purse. I can’t wait for Barbie and the Easy Bake Oven to make their first appearances under the Christmas tree.

But, what makes me even happier is that she’s becoming herself. She doesn’t have to be like me or Dan or anyone else. And, if it turns out that she doesn’t like sports or the arts and she goes her own way that neither of us gets at all, that’s AWESOME!