April 2011

There are none.

I know I haven’t made an Easter post yet. I will.

Right now, I want to solicit prayers for everyone who lives in my home town. In case you missed it – and I doubt that – certain areas in Tuscaloosa were demolished by a tornado yesterday evening.

A public housing unit near where we lived when I was a kid, which housed hundreds of needy families, is now nothing more than a pile of trash with some overturned cars. Where are they supposed to go?

Restaurants where I used to eat, stores where I used to shop, and neighborhoods where I used to visit are all gone. It narrowly missed my mother’s neighborhood.

I don’t know why I’m taking this so hard. I guess it’s because that was the place I called home for most of my life and I can’t imagine it without H & W Drug store or Krispy Kreme on 15th Street or the gas station you go to between paychecks because it’s creepy, but cheap. None of those places are there anymore. Weird.

As of a couple of hours ago, the death toll in Alabama was 160+. I know those families would appreciate your prayers.


In case you’re wondering, Hamish and I are doing very well. At our last appointment, Babyhead2 had a good strong heartbeat and was moving around. 🙂

I haven’t been sick in a while, but at 14 weeks, I’m still so stinkin’ exhausted I can barely function. This pregnancy has, thus far, been very different from the first. Madeline always wanted fruit, fruit, and more fruit. This one is a fan of pickles, olives, and the like. A student gave me Warheads the other day and it made my whole day!

Coffee and eggs don’t make me gag this time, but certain smells (high school boy cheap cologne, grease, warm milk – UGH!!!) are bad news.

I definitely feel more tired this time around, and I’m getting bigger by the second.

We still have 6 more weeks until we know if we’ll be decorating in pink or blue, but stay tuned for updates! We may have to take a look at the old wives’ tales again.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the newest update on Madeline, below!

She’s so funny. I’m constantly amazed by things she knows and what she can do.

I’d like to add a few words to Madeline’s Dictionary, if I could:

  • Mayin, Madden, Mannen: Madeline
  • Gog: dog
  • Gock: sock
  • Doo: shoe, two
  • Bapple: apple
  • Bow: bear
  • Cat: cat
  • Papa: purple
  • Poon: spoon
  • Doughs: toes
  • Eye: eye
  • Mou: mouth
  • Beyyey: belly
  • Kai: Caillou
  • Melmo: Elmo
  • Chica-Chica: Chica
  • Choo-Choo: what a train says
  • Kack kack: what a duck says
  • Cow: cow. It says “moo.”
  • Poe: phone
  • Sat? “What is that?” This is usually followed by, “Oh,” when you answer her question
  • Up: up. DOWN!!: down. She knows the meaning of these two, but she also uses them for open and closed.

She also likes to say “hi” to people and things. “Hi, Daddy!” “Hi, Mommy!” “Hi, baby!” “Hi, beyyey!”

Conversations with Madeline are getting interesting, too. She seems to really like the numbers two and nine. For instance, we start counting with, “One,” and she says, “Doo.” We follow up with three through eight, and then she excitedly exclaims, “NINE!!” Applause comes after ten.

You’ll be relieved to know that she pronounces nine correctly, not “naaaaahn.”

She is such a sweet, wonderful child. I just hope I can measure up and be the parent she deserves.

Showing Daddy the giraffes.

We liked the giraffes!

Showing Mommy the elephant, which we also liked.

Completely enthralled by the hippo.

Soon after this, a very friendly meerkat got a little too close to the glass. I thought it was cute. Madeline…well, didn’t. She also DID NOT like the monkeys! She cried pretty much through the primate habitat.

Look! I'm a giraffe!

Mommy's favorite part of the zoo.

We had a really fun day, in spite of the boiling heat. (Seriously? 87 degrees in April??? Ridiculous!)

She really liked all the birds, but I think the primates spooked her a little when they go too close to the glass.

Just the first of many trips to the zoo in her lifetime!

It cries…

It sleeps…

It goes through more diapers than you can imagine…

It’s …


From creator God and producers Dan and Heather, comes the epic tale of Madeline’s new brother or sister.

Don’t miss it!

Yes, that’s right! We are expecting our second miracle this fall. I have now had two doctors appointments, and both the baby and I are perfectly healthy.

Just as with movie previews, you will see lots of new baby previews via blog posts. Here’s the first: Just as we called Madeline Opie before we new her gender, this baby will be called Hamish for another 8 weeks or so.

We are so excited, blessed, and thankful to God for our growing family.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from Him.” Psalm 127: 3

I realized that I have been terrible about posting “growing up” updates, as well as taking pictures.

Madeline is 16 months old today.

Really?? When did that happen??

When did my baby go from this…

…to this?

She toddled over very close to me. Her nostrils aren't really that big.


Such a sweet girl!