In case you’re wondering, Hamish and I are doing very well. At our last appointment, Babyhead2 had a good strong heartbeat and was moving around. šŸ™‚

I haven’t been sick in a while, but at 14 weeks, I’m still so stinkin’ exhausted I can barely function. This pregnancy has, thus far, been very different from the first. Madeline always wanted fruit, fruit, and more fruit. This one is a fan of pickles, olives, and the like. A student gave me Warheads the other day and it made my whole day!

Coffee and eggs don’t make me gag this time, but certain smells (high school boy cheapĀ cologne, grease, warm milkĀ – UGH!!!) are bad news.

I definitely feel more tired this time around, and I’m getting bigger by the second.

We still have 6 more weeks until we know if we’ll be decorating in pink or blue, but stay tuned for updates! We may have to take a look at the old wives’ tales again.

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