She’s so funny. I’m constantly amazed by things she knows and what she can do.

I’d like to add a few words to Madeline’s Dictionary, if I could:

  • Mayin, Madden, Mannen: Madeline
  • Gog: dog
  • Gock: sock
  • Doo: shoe, two
  • Bapple: apple
  • Bow: bear
  • Cat: cat
  • Papa: purple
  • Poon: spoon
  • Doughs: toes
  • Eye: eye
  • Mou: mouth
  • Beyyey: belly
  • Kai: Caillou
  • Melmo: Elmo
  • Chica-Chica: Chica
  • Choo-Choo: what a train says
  • Kack kack: what a duck says
  • Cow: cow. It says “moo.”
  • Poe: phone
  • Sat? “What is that?” This is usually followed by, “Oh,” when you answer her question
  • Up: up. DOWN!!: down. She knows the meaning of these two, but she also uses them for open and closed.

She also likes to say “hi” to people and things. “Hi, Daddy!” “Hi, Mommy!” “Hi, baby!” “Hi, beyyey!”

Conversations with Madeline are getting interesting, too. She seems to really like the numbers two and nine. For instance, we start counting with, “One,” and she says, “Doo.” We follow up with three through eight, and then she excitedly exclaims, “NINE!!” Applause comes after ten.

You’ll be relieved to know that she pronounces nine correctly, not “naaaaahn.”

She is such a sweet, wonderful child. I just hope I can measure up and be the parent she deserves.