I have been terrible about blogging lately.

School is finally (finally!) coming to a close and that means it’s the busiest time of year for any teacher. And, don’t forget that we have an extra week tacked onto the end of the year because of all those beautiful snow days. (That wasn’t sarcasm. I really did love the snow. I know it’s hard to tell with me, sometimes.) So, exam schedules and such have been wonky and that’s created even more confusion and stress than the usual end-of-the-year festivities.

But, as of June 3rd, I am officially a full time Mom. I’m taking next year off to hang out with my babies and work on finding ways to do God’s work in the community. I can’t even form the words to say how excited I am about what the next year will bring.

That said, I want to thank Odyssey Early School for being Madeline’s home away from home for the past 10 months. She has made some great friends and her teachers have been awesome. She really has thrived there and we wouldn’t hesitate to send both these kiddies back there when I go back to work.

I have a lot of blog posts that I would like to make, including some with many pictures, so be sure to check back. It’s about time for a poll, too, with the big ultrasound coming up on June 6th. Hmmm…boy or girl? Girl or boy? We’ll just have to wait and see…

And speaking of new additions (not of the Bobby Brown variety), we wanted to send congratulations out to our friends, the Swarts family, on the arrival of Parker Eli (April 4) and the Rodgers family for welcoming Benjamin Graham (May 7). Welcome to the ‘hood!