Since Dan was in Las Vegas for work, the poor soul, Madeline and I decided it was time for some quality bonding with the friends we left behind in Atlanta.

We enjoyed the hospitality of Jakki for four days. If you have never had the privilege of experiencing a stay at Hotel Jakki, you have missed out. She is so creative and really goes out of her way to make her guests feel like royalty. It was amazing to see how much Madeline and her friend, Aubrey, have grown in the past year. (Aubrey is Jakki’s daughter, 3 months Madeline’s senior.)

Madeline and Aubrey, June 2010

Reunited, June 2011

 We were also able to have a lunch date with Angela – Hannah’s mommy, Daniel’s wife, and a friend I wish I could see more often. She made a fabulous lunch and we had a great time catching up. I think Madeline enjoyed her time with baby Hannah, too. She’s grown so much since the last time we saw her!

Sweet kisses for her sweet friend.


All these wonderful reunions happened on Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday was a day of relaxation for Jakki and me as we released our inner girly girl and had a Jane Austen book discussion/tea party while the kids napped. What a fun way to relax!

We had to head back home today, but not before doing the traditional summer appetizer lunch with Jakki and Sheryl. It seems like we add a new kid to the lunch date every year, although Sheryl was not accompanied by her precious Andrew this year. I guess we’ll have to catch up with him next time, unless Sheryl wants to hang out in Birmingham during her time off this summer. Hmmm, Sheryl?

Great week. Great friends. Great to be home with my favorite husband.