When I was pregnant with Madeline I suggested, somewhat in jest, that Gerber or Beech Nut or someone should make available a line of Southern baby foods.  You know, alongside the spinach and pears, they could throw in some okra, turnip greens, and grits for little palates.

Well, joke no more. Our little belle has surprised us with her culinary tastes. She is certainly a Southerner. She will not touch green peas (a.k.a. English peas, or those things Yankees refer to as just, “peas”) but put some good ol’ black-eyed peas in front of her and watch her descend on them like a buzzard. She really likes turnip greens, especially of you put some cornbread in them, and grits are one of her favorite breakfast staples. I don’t know what she would do if she had to go without sweet potatoes, and a small plate of okra will make her forget there’s anything else on the table.

So, see? There has to be a business idea in there somewhere.

Her Southernness is also evident in her budding manners. (I have to admit I glow with pride at this part.) We haven’t really encouraged her to do any of this; she just sort of picked it up on her own. Or, maybe it’s in her blood. Who knows?

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat people in food service, store cashiers, sales people, etc. Our sweet Madeline seems to know that instinctively. She flashes a sweet smile and says, “Thankchoo!” whenever the cashier hands me my receipt. She does the same thing in restaurants, when she hands the server her little kid’s menu or holds up her sippy cup for more water. She always has a smile and a, “Thankchoo!” Recently, she has even tried to clean up after herself, handing bowls, cups, spoons, or whatever to me or the server, of course with the obligatory, “Thankchoo!” Such a precious girl.

Dan would also tell you that our mini- Melanie Wilkes is also developing into quite the little girly-girl. Hey, just because she holds out her skirt and twirls around, just because she asks for bows in order for her ensemble to be complete, just because she wants to wear Mommy’s necklaces, and just because she would rather cuddle and dress her baby dolls than bounce a ball…that doesn’t mean anything, does it?

Of course it does. (Insert arched eyebrow and maniacal laugh here.)

So, that’s what Sweet Pea has been up to. Check back soon to find out if we’ve actually decided on a name for Hamish. We’re getting closer!