September 2010

OK, I’m a little behind on blogging. Here it is, almost the weekend, and I haven’t even told you about the fabulous weekend we had last week!

We spent last weekend with all our besties. Remember the other Daniel? No, not my cousin’s baby. I’m talking about Dan’s best man from our wedding. He and his wife are expecting a daughter in November, and her baby shower was Saturday. Coincidentally, it was just two houses down from the house where I used to babysit the 18-month-old vegetarian. Weird, huh?

Angela looks fabulous and we can’t wait to help them welcome their baby girl!

After the baby shower, Madeline and I spent the afternoon with Jakki (the Chuck Norris of moms), Sheryl (English teacher extraordinaire and Mominator), and Andrew (the cutie patootie). Madeline was able to reconnect with her friend, Andrew, and I neeeeeeeeded that time with my girls!

Madeline and Andrew

Sunday was fall food night with Kenina. Mmmmm! Chilli with Fritos and apple pie. Not to mention some awesome time with a fabulous lady. I can’t even tell you how much she loves Miss Madeline.

Next time on the Head Family, we’ll talk about all the fun sounds (words) that Sweet Pea has added to her vocabulary. Uh-oh!!


This morning was mommy-needs-a-haircut morning. So, whilst I went to the salon, Madeline took care of her daddy.

According to Dan, Madeline got her pudgy little hands on the remote when he got up to go the the kitchen. He was watching football (imagine that) and when they started taking about Auburn, Sweet Pea turned off the TV.

I’m telling you, she’s a brilliant child.

I only have one request of her. Madeline? Sweet Pea? Babyhead? Please grow some hair. We went to the mall this afternoon, showing our school spirit (Bama, not Clay-Chalkville). Not one person, save the nice photographer lady at JC Penney, realized that our little princess was a girl. Despite the fact that her Bama ensemble was a DRESS, people still said things like, “Look at him! He’s Bama bound!”

Sigh. Someday.

Madeline would like to announce that she will soon have a new playmate. Uncle Mike and Aunt Sara are giving her a baby boy cousin to play with in February!

We are so excited, and waiting patiently, for our new nephew to arrive.

Congratulations, Michael & Sara!!! We love all 3 of you!

Let me just say that I love our pediatrician. He is everything a baby/new mommy could ever ask for in a doctor. He is patient, great with babies, and willing to answer every question with kindess and clarity.  So, that’s my shout-out to Dr. Glasgow. (Haaay!)

Our sweet Madeline is perfect in every way, as always.  (As if we needed confirmation of that?) She is also, as always, off the charts in height.

It turns out that our nine-month-old beauty is the size of the average seventeen-month-old. It looks like we have ourselves a tall, leggy blond. She now has another tooth coming in, and has learned to get from point A to point B by scooting across the floor on her cute little booty.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!!

We spent our Labor Day doing what one does on a day such as this: not laboring. We played with Babyhead, went out for BBQ, shopped a little, played with Babyhead some more, and for our trash TV viewing pleasure, there was a Two and a Half Men marathon on FX.

Have I mentioned to you, faithful reader, that Madeline has never met a stranger? Have I told you that she is almost always smiling, that she’s a happy girl who wants to introduce herself to every passer-by, or that she has a great laugh?

We visited one of our favorite BBQ restaurants for lunch today. The cheerful server who took care of us the last time we were there (a few weeks ago) saw our Sweet Pea and declared, “Hey! Happy Baby’s back!”

Poor quality picture taken with my phone. 🙂

You have no idea how thrilled I am that we can walk into a place of business and have the people who work there recognize my child as “Happy Baby.”

Such a sweet girl. Don’t you just want to squeeze her little cheeks?

“A cheerful look brings joy to the heart…” Proverbs 15:30

Happy Labor Day, people! We hope you enjoyed your rest and time with your family!

So, I kept trying to take a good, “Hey, everyone! I’m nine months old!” picture, but someone had other ideas…

I mean, I’m glad she was having fun playing with her buttons…

…but I really wanted a good picture. Maybe a wardrobe change will do the trick?




When I picked up Madeline from daycare this afternoon, I noticed that my car was low on go-go juice. So, we made the short trek to the gas station across the street and I promptly started to fill up. As I was pumping the gas, I engaged in my usual gas-pumping activity, which is making silly faces and chatting with The Divine Miss M through the back window, and cracking up every time she giggles.

At the pump next to me, there was a man who was, I’m guessing, just a few years younger than my own father, fueling up his large work truck filled with tools and dirt and the like. He called over to me, “Ma’am? Do you always talk to your car window like that?”

I smiled and responded with some goofy retort about the car getting better mileage if I baby talk to it. He laughed and said he understood because he had three kids of his own. I ad libbed something, smiled, and assumed that was the end of the conversation.

After I replaced the nozzle and started to get back into my car, I told the man to have a nice day. He said, “Have a good one! And, Ma’am? You keep talking to that car window like that, because there are too many parents who don’t.”

What a sad truism. How often do we get in such a hurry that we can’t slow down for just a second to coo and giggle at our little people? How many kids might greatly benefit if their parents would make dorky faces at them at the gas station, instead of giving the impression that the kid is just another chore, just like pumping gas?

Dorks Anonymous Confession: Hi, my name is Heather, and I don’t care if people stare at me when I’m playing peek-a-boo with my baby in public.