September 2009

BellyShots 050

Wow. Am I really at 30 weeks already? Really?? We really only have 10 weeks left. I have 10 weeks to get even bigger.

I love this dress. It’s a very neat, 1940’s style dress that Dan picked out for me the first time we went shopping for maternity clothes. I’ve only been able to wear it twice, though, because until a few weeks ago it was huge on me. Um, that’s not really a problem anymore.

This is also the last picture we’ll take in this house. There will be plenty of pictures to come of the new living quarters as we count down these last 10 weeks!


Let’s refer to the trusty checklist, shall we?

  • Find place to live – check.
  • Make appointment with new doctor – check.
  • Start packing – check.
  • Arrange for TV people to come – check.
  • Change of address with post office – check.
  • Start visiting with friends for the last time before we move – check. ūüė¶

Even though I often try to resist it, change is good, and all the forthcoming changes are positive ones. It will be so hard to leave the people we have come to love so much here, but we know that God is leading us in the right direction.

There will be so many incredible changes coming our way over the next couple of months. We¬†can’t wait¬†to relish¬†every single one!


Today officially marks the first day of fall, 2009.  Do you have any idea how excited I get about fall every year?

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. Good things happen in fall. Halloween and Thanksgiving happen in the fall, and you know what that means? Candy, costumes, pumpkin pie, and Charlie Brown.

Fall is football season. You don’t have to be a great sports fan to get the appeal of an adrenaline rush on a cool, autumn day (and nachos). Believe me.

No more sweating bullets on the way to your car, or second degree burns from touching your steering wheel. Nope.  Summer is gone. It is time to put away the flip flops and break out the boots, to exchange tank tops for pretty, colorful sweaters.

I could go on about the rich, bold fall colors for days. Everything starts to smell like cinnamon and apples, like something wonderful is just about to come out of the oven. Even the food tastes better in fall.

 Dan and I met in the fall. You know what else? Our sweet baby girl is coming this fall.

It just keeps getting better and better.

We took a trip to Birmingham this weekend and looked at several potential places to which we might want to bring little Madeline home.¬† We saw a couple of so-so houses, a few that made us cringe, and one that we both really like. All we need now is to hear back from the woman to make sure it’s still available. We’re keeping good thoughts about it and hoping it comes through!

I also found a new doctor. I made the appointment on Thursday and on Friday a friend gave the new doc rave reviews. ūüôā

Now, we just need to find a new church, an new hairstylist, and a new favorite place to meet friends for dinner/coffee.

It’s all coming together!

My dear friend, Jakki, delivered her beautiful, eagerly awaited baby girl this afternoon.

Aubrey Mae Leatherberry was born a little after 1 pm, weighing 7lbs 2oz.¬† I’m sure big brother, Luke, can’t wait to play with his new baby sister!

Congratulations, Sam & Jakki! We love you and are so excited for the sweet addition to your family!

I had my 28 week doctor visit this morning and got a surprise look at little Madeline! There was a sales rep at the office who was demonstrating a new ultrasound machine, and my doctor asked me if I minded being a guinea pig. Of course I didn’t mind at all!

So, while the doctor learned how to use the new machine, I got to look at our baby girl for half an hour or so. As you can see below, the picture isn’t quite as clear as some other 4D ultrasound pictures, but the doctor was learning to use this machine for the first time so we’ll cut him some slack.

BellyShots 003

I also have to go back on Wednesday for another glucose screening. Not fun, but I’m sure it will be fine.

My next task is to find a doctor in Brimingham. The search is on!

Yup, it just hit me.

Sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning, it occurred to me that in less than 3 months – that’s less than the time it takes for a jar of salsa to expire – I will be someone’s mother.

In May 2008, I went from Miss Lietch (and Leche) to just plain Heather again. Eight months ago, I enthusiastically traded in Heather for Mrs. Head.  In just a couple of months, I will go from Mrs. Head to Mommy.

And, nothing could make me happier.


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